Wiz-Team’s ‘Event-Works’ behind Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton Relay
Wiz-Team’s ‘Event-Works’ behind Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton Relay
Official Provider: Baton Relay Nominations and Route Planning

The Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton Relay has been on an epic journey across the Commonwealth since October 2021, visiting all 72 nations and territories. Celebrating, connecting and exciting communities in the run up to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, the Queen’s Baton Relay will have covered no less than 140,000 km upon its conclusion at the Opening Ceremony of the Games on 28 July 2022.

As the Official Provider of Birmingham 2022’s Core Games Management Systems, Wiz-Team and its smart software solution
Event-Works have been part of this amazing journey since the very beginning.  As the Baton Relay Nominations and Route Planning application, Event-Works delivers to B2022 the Batonbearer nominations portal, selection, registration, data management, and communications for the domestic portion of the relay. It also serves organisers in the process of route stage and slot planning, route operations management, live baton tracking, as well as tour services. In addition, Wiz-Team’s revamped Relay App made its debut by bringing the web-based solution to the fingertips of teams on-the-ground, running relay operations around the nation.


The following numbers highlight the scale of this extraordinary undertaking for the Baton’s domestic journey…

  • 7,960 Batonbearer nominations by…
  • 9,665 nominators, led to the selection of…
  • 1,525 Batonbearers attributed to…
  • 1,700 slots covering …
  • 1,100 stages.

Léa Margot, Event Assistant at Wiz-Team, oversaw the development and delivery of the application for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Sharing some insights, she said: “The Event-Works Relay module was ready for a rewrite from the last international torch relay it supported. Therefore, we had the unique opportunity to sit down with the Birmingham 2022 Organising Committee to co-create its new look, feel, and functionality.  My role in this project involved working with both our development team and the client to facilitate a more iterative and agile approach to delivery.”

She added: “It is fantastic to see how all these thorough technical preparations now enable a unique real-time experience for the participants and fans. I feel this is what it’s all about – bringing people together through sport; and, for us our technology.”

The domestic route is well underway and Léa is still following closely the project providing technical and functional support where necessary. However, for Wiz-Team, it does not end at providing the software solution. Four of its team members have been selected as Batonbearers themselves.

Wiz-Team Advisory Board member Keith Carter was the first to experience the thrill of being at the heart of the Queen’s Baton Relay, carrying the baton in his hometown of Cambridge on 9 July. A truly outstanding personality, Keith has been instrumental in the growth of Wiz-Team and had to re-adjust to life in a wheelchair after a ski accident a few years ago.

Talking about his experience as a Batonbearer, he said: “Rolling with this baton and participating in the Commonwealth Games Baton Relay event means a great deal to me. Paraplegia should not exclude you from activities, and the Commonwealth and its Games are a great force for inclusion. Being part of this is an honour.”

More Wiz-Team members will proudly carry the baton on 20 July. Watch this space as Johann Woringer, founder and CEO of Wiz-Team, John Tweardy, Managing Partner – Olympic, Paralympic & Major Events Practice, and… Léa Margot prepare for their turn in the spotlight.

Want to follow the Queen’s Baton Relay? Checkout the route and its final lap currently underway in England: The England Route (birmingham2022.com)


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As the founder and CEO of Wiz-Team, Johann has been a part of this adventure long before the start of the organisation 10 years ago. This dynamic and fast-growing company was born out of gap in the market Johann and his colleagues experienced as event managers in the early 2000s.  With little tools available to effectively manage the demands and challenges of data management for complex events, they decided to build their own solution. 

Shortly thereafter Johann created Event-Works and later Wiz-Team with the vision to deliver world class digital solutions built by event professionals for event professionals. From Wiz-Team headquarters in his hometown Lausanne, he oversees a global network of developers and experts, who support the organisations mission to empower event professionals through smart, intuitive, and innovative digital solutions. 

Johann’s expertise in event data management is outstanding.  He has delivered innovative event management solutions to every Olympic Games edition since 2004 alongside a range of other international events. Having worked across many sectors, including sports federations, the medical congress industry, corporate companies, and government agencies, he has acquired a wide-ranging background and an exceptional experience in various types and sizes of events. Before he set up Wiz-Team, Johann specialised in web and database development, as well as project management in the luxury industry, and teaching.

Johann holds an MBA in international management and speaks English, French and some German. In his spare time, he enjoys scuba diving, discovering the world on a motorbike, gaming and exploring new technologies.