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Wiz-Team provides a variety of event management tools hosted and designed in Switzerland. Our main product is our all-in-one event management platform, Event-Works, which has been  designed by event managers for event managers. Its modular approach provides a flexible and scalable tool to empower event professionals to manage various event types, from single to multi sports competitions to high service level meetings such as general assemblies, workshops, congresses and other events. The modules range from online registration to accommodation, travel, online payment and accreditations and volunteer management to name only a few. We also provide companion apps that are fully integrated with Event-Works to quickly display live data and statistics. We are working closely with our clients in order to provide personalised advice and assistance before – during – after each event.



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Online registration
Dynamic registration forms in multiple languages that can be further tailored according to your types of participants (delegate, media, staff, sponsor, athlete, etc.)
Guests module
Manage accompagnying persons (spouse, partners, guests) with allotment rules.
Create dynamic badge templates for your accreditations, passes or tickets.
Custom imports
Import or udpate your contacts (including photos) from any Excel spreadsheet. Field matching can be saved to be reused.
Create communication templates such as emails or sms messages to be send to your event participants either individually or in bulk. And attach static or dynamic documents as well as event calendar files.
Custom reports
Create reports with any data from your participants. track changes, edit data directly from reports and share them securely with external stakeholders.
EW Connect (Integration API)
Use our API to connect Event-Works with third party solutions using web services.
Event participant app providing additional services such as messaging, push notifications, networking meetings and agenda management.
Seating plan app for your events such as gala dinners and protocol meetings. Includes venue design, seating and check-in.
EW Gate Access Control
Access control app connected to our badging / accreditation modules. Works both online and offline and can be used for ticket control, parking access, meeting and activities entitlements, meal vouchers or full sport event access control. Can be used with QR codes or RFID badges.
EW Manager
Event manager app allowing mobile access to Event-Works back office to quickly check event participants attendance data, hotel bookings, session or activity attendance as well as who got scanned for access control.
Accommodation module
Manage single or multiple stays. Generate arrivals and departure lists including change tracking that can be shared with your hotels.
Documents module
Create templates in Word, upload them to Event-Works, merge fields and easily email documents such as visa letters, event tickets and invoices/receipts to your attendees in PDF format. Includes electronic signature.
Online payment module
Setup your payment matrix according to your types of participants including registration fees, accommodation and sessions/activities. Includes advanced features such as multiple payments and credit card imprints.
Partners module
Manage sponsors, teams or coordinators to create a dedicated web access where they can invite or register a predefined number of participants.
Profiles (CRM)
CRM to manage your contacts, invite them to your events and keep a history of their attendance. Profiles is integarted to our Communications module.
Sessions module
Manage all activities, both in person or virtual during your event and decide who can see/register to them. Asssign cost (with our online payment module) and generates personalized agendas as well calendar invites: Sessions are also closely connected to our Sitplan and EW ToGo apps.
Accreditation & access control module
Manage your categories of particiants (matrix) and their entitlements, including privilege, zone, venue and timed accesses. This module is designed to work great with our EW Gate (Access control) app.
Sport entries module
Full DRP (Delegation Registration Process) for your athletes and entourage including longlist/shortlist, quotas and sport specific fields. Requires the Partners module.
Ticketing module
Manage attribution of your ticket allotment including requests, allocation and invoicing. Includes a seating plan app.
Travel module - Arrivals & Departures
Manage single or multiple travels, including optional integration with airlines and travel agencies. Generate arrivals and departure lists including change tracking that can be shared with your supplier managing airport/hotel transfers.
Volunteers – Workforce module
Manage your volunteers and workforce applications using dynamic online forms. Collect skills and availabilities to faciliate assignment and management of your missions. Integrates with our Sessions (briefing, training) and Documents (certificates, contacts) modules.
Inventory module
Manage articles or create a rate card. Enter and manage articles stock such as uniforms or equipment to be order for an exhibition booth. Allow participant to select articles and pay for them.
Torch/baton relay
Manage all aspects of a torch/baton relay including routing, slotting, inventory, stakeholder management and real-time torch tracking using our companion app and daily programme (Day book).
Event Consulting Services

The main asset of our operations Teams is that all our employees have a professional background in the event or sport industries. It is why Wiz-Team fully understands the complexity and flexibility that the tools and processes need to offer. Our team will be pleased to listen to your new project and adapt our solutions to your personal needs.

Data Management

Data is key and Wiz-Team is well aware about it. Our custom reports and change log options allow to store and check out the last updates on a participant and event level. In addition, our event management platform is fully integrated with its companion apps to offer live datas before – during – after your events on terms of last minute changes, statistics, check-in, etc.


As part of our comprehensive approach to event management solutions, Wiz-Team provides a variety of onsite support services embedding our event management and Event-Works solution experts onsite with client event delivery teams.

Wiz-team onsite operations is led by our delivery teams who collectively boasts well over 100 years of event experience from luxury hospitality services to the Olympic Games. As former event managers with a passion for transforming event business challenges into digital solutions, we value every opportunity to join our clients in reaching their event delivery goals…in the heart of the action!

Our onsite services are tailor-made to your unique event operational needs. 

They include but are not limited to:

  • Volunteer or staff training
  • Operational set-up and support
  • Onsite functional delivery
  • Event data management and reporting
  • Project management
  • Technical support

We look forward to learning how we can best serve you and your event delivery teams onsite in the future!  



As the founder and CEO of Wiz-Team, Johann has been a part of this adventure long before the start of the organisation 10 years ago. This dynamic and fast-growing company was born out of gap in the market Johann and his colleagues experienced as event managers in the early 2000s.  With little tools available to effectively manage the demands and challenges of data management for complex events, they decided to build their own solution. 

Shortly thereafter Johann created Event-Works and later Wiz-Team with the vision to deliver world class digital solutions built by event professionals for event professionals. From Wiz-Team headquarters in his hometown Lausanne, he oversees a global network of developers and experts, who support the organisations mission to empower event professionals through smart, intuitive, and innovative digital solutions. 

Johann’s expertise in event data management is outstanding.  He has delivered innovative event management solutions to every Olympic Games edition since 2004 alongside a range of other international events. Having worked across many sectors, including sports federations, the medical congress industry, corporate companies, and government agencies, he has acquired a wide-ranging background and an exceptional experience in various types and sizes of events. Before he set up Wiz-Team, Johann specialised in web and database development, as well as project management in the luxury industry, and teaching.

Johann holds an MBA in international management and speaks English, French and some German. In his spare time, he enjoys scuba diving, discovering the world on a motorbike, gaming and exploring new technologies.