Longines Masters

Paris, France
December 2019

The Longines Masters of Paris (LMPA19), in December 2019, featured Event-Works (EW) debut delivery with the Equestrian Event Management SPRL (EEM).

The Longines Masters was a prestigious show jumping event, that invited the world’s top riders, horses, and fans to experience the best of the best for four days in major cities around the world.  Security, hospitality services, and efficiency were the clear priorities for the local team as they worked to deliver one the finest equestrian competitions and event experiences to all in attendance.

Our highly secure and customizable platform allowed EEM partners to build, manage, and communicate across their individual guest lists giving them the autonomy and flexibility they needed to serve their clients at the highest level. EW Access Control Gate App equipped event staff with the tools they needed to quickly and easily provide a high-level of security at key checkpoints across the venue.  With over 2,000 entries registered on-site, the teams were very busy ensuring the right people were given access to the right places.   

Executing an event of this size, with this level of service expectations, requires a lot of preparation and coordination amongst the support and services teams.  To ensure volunteers and local staff were well prepared for their roles and confident in abilities to navigate their EW solution, Wiz-Team SA delivered in-person on-site training and provided customized manuals as additional support.

Senior Director - Wiz-Team Italia

Stefano joined Wiz-Team in March of 2022 as the Senior Director of Wiz-Team Italia. He is charged with the oversight, management, and growth of Wiz-Team’s fourth location and second development arm in Torino, Italy.

Previously, Stefano served as a Senior Director at Deltatre where he spent 17 years supporting organisational growth and leading the delivery of their technical solutions for some of the most exciting and challenging sport events in the world including the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro, the Olympic Games, the National Football League, and many more.

When not overseeing complex and challenging technical projects, Stefano is an avid sports enthusiast both as a fan and as a participant.  He also has a knack for music quizzes.



As the founder and CEO of Wiz-Team, Johann has been a part of this adventure long before the start of the organisation 10 years ago. This dynamic and fast-growing company was born out of gap in the market Johann and his colleagues experienced as event managers in the early 2000s.  With little tools available to effectively manage the demands and challenges of data management for complex events, they decided to build their own solution. 

Shortly thereafter Johann created Event-Works and later Wiz-Team with the vision to deliver world class digital solutions built by event professionals for event professionals. From Wiz-Team headquarters in his hometown Lausanne, he oversees a global network of developers and experts, who support the organisations mission to empower event professionals through smart, intuitive, and innovative digital solutions. 

Johann’s expertise in event data management is outstanding.  He has delivered innovative event management solutions to every Olympic Games edition since 2004 alongside a range of other international events. Having worked across many sectors, including sports federations, the medical congress industry, corporate companies, and government agencies, he has acquired a wide-ranging background and an exceptional experience in various types and sizes of events. Before he set up Wiz-Team, Johann specialised in web and database development, as well as project management in the luxury industry, and teaching.

Johann holds an MBA in international management and speaks English, French and some German. In his spare time, he enjoys scuba diving, discovering the world on a motorbike, gaming and exploring new technologies.