FIBA Women’s World Championships

Tenerife, Spain
September 2018

Event-Works was used to manage the FIBA Family delegation for the Women World Cup in Tenerife (Spain).


Registration was made easy using our dynamic registration forms that included accommodation and travel details. This allowed back office accommodation management incl. room allocation and allotment management. Live reports are created in order to allow hotels to have real time rooming lists. Same goes for the travel report to be used by the LOC for pick up and shuttle management.


The Ticketing module was used to manage the FIBA Partner ticket allotments (contractual tickets) together with an invitation process / email (easy register) including also collection of travel and accommodation request. The ticketing module allows for an easy management of the contractual tickets through a wish and confirm process that can be managed back office. Reports can easily be tailored and shared.



As founder and CEO of Wiz-Team, Johann has more than fifteen years of experience in event data management, working with sports federations, the medical congress industry, corporate companies and government agencies. The diversity of these industries has provided him with a wide-ranging background and an exceptional experience in various types and sizes of events. Johann delivered innovative event management solutions to every Olympic Games since 2004. His previous experience includes web and database development, as well as project management in the luxury industry, and teaching. 

From the Wiz-Team headquarters in the Olympic Capital, Lausanne (Switzerland), Johann manages a global network of developers, translating complex data management requirements into solutions built by event professionals, specifically for event professionals.

Johann holds an MBA in international management and speaks English and French. In his spare time, he enjoys scuba diving and is passionate about new technologies.