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Wiz-Team is the solution provider for Event and Games management software. From our head offices in Lausanne (Switzerland) and with registered subsidiaries in Belgium and Ukraine and a global presence with our partners, we empower event managers with software, consultancy and delivery services for world class events for the sport, corporate and IGOs/NGOs industries. With over 15 years of experience in event management platforms and managing event-related projects, we pride ourselves into delivering real world solutions for your projects.




Implementing innovation: Where do you start?

November 25, 2021

Implementing innovation: Where do you start?

November 25, 2021

The rapidly evolving world of technology creates exciting opportunities for innovative solutions to solve for some of our most frustrating daily challenges in event management. At the same time, implementing and adopting new tools while working on your next big project can be overwhelming.
So where do you start?

Learning and integrating new technology is a thrilling prospect for many, but for others it can be a rather overwhelming proposition. We at Wiz-Team have been in both of their shoes knowing all too well how both exciting AND challenging it can be to implement new technology. For this reason, we work hard to get to know our clients, their needs, and their readiness to ensure we create and deliver tailormade training programmes to ease the implementation process and expedite user adoption of our event management solution – Event-Works.

Over the past couple months, we have experienced a system training “high-season” with well over 80 hours of training across both the sport and institutional sectors. Sessions ranged from small highly specialised in-person training to online organisation-wide solution familiarisation exercises, and on-site volunteer training on operational components. Our mission? To ensure Event-Works users feel empowered to not only use the system, but to configure and customise the solution to meet their own individual needs.

Valentina Rios, an Event-Works trainer at Wiz-Team shares: “We strive to create autonomy, inspire curiosity, and build confidence in our trainees. We work to achieve that through thoughtful and engaging training sessions that demonstrate the capabilities of the system but also ties it to real scenarios and practical exercises that mean something to our new and sometimes veteran users.”

As one trainee recently shared with us: “Wiz-Team’s personalized approach to familiarization and training was tailormade to what our team needed. It was an intentional and efficient time where our team was empowered to learn and ask questions, allowing us to build a firm foundation of knowledge around Event-Works for all future events.” 

Though we are very pleased with the feedback we’ve been receiving, we know that solution implementation and user adoption is always a moving target complicated by elements like condensed timelines, varying levels of systems literacy, change management processes, and learning preferences.  We are then always evolving and adapting how we deliver trainings to ensure we are relevant and effective for all our clients now and into the future.  

Stay tuned as we explore this topic over the next few months sharing our experiences and best practices delivering this core pillar of Wiz-Team services; one that is essential to the success of our clients, our organisational mission, and the future of event technology.

3 questions to… Li Neo Tay, co-founder and Director of Operations at IGNITX

October 27, 2021

3 questions to… Li Neo Tay, co-founder and Director of Operations at IGNITX

October 27, 2021

For the past month, Li Neo Tay, Co-Founder and Director of Operations at IGNITX – a network of event professionals and a strategic partner to Wiz-Team for event operations – has joined Wiz-Team at its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, as an external consultant to support with product development. We caught up with Neo to talk about what she’s been doing at Wiz-Team and the value of partnership.

How have you enjoyed your immersion at Wiz-Team? 

I spent much of last year being back home in Malaysia, with no travel, much like the rest of the world. After such a long time working alone at home, in lockdown, it was so nice to be working in a team again, to be able to share and interact with peers in person. I’ve known Wiz-Team since 2019, and I’m familiar with the team, having worked with them at past events, so it felt like coming back to visit good friends who you are comfortable with. And we have fun, which is important!

What have you been doing and how are you working with Wiz-Team?

 Having worked in the Sport Entries and Accreditations Functional Areas for the Local Organising Committees of several major international sport events since 2009, I came here in the capacity of a functional expert within their delivery team as they prepare for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games as well as another major event coming up later this year. Drawing from my own event management expertise and IGNITX’s network, I’m test-driving and supporting Wiz-Team with new releases of their accreditations and sport entries applications, as well as helping their team shape the viability of these new modules for years to come. In short, I’m helping to bridge the gap between the tech solutions, the users and the wider major sport event market.

Since 2019, IGNITX has partnered with Wiz-Team on several projects, why?

Because of the innovation and the breath of fresh air that they bring to a system from a Games management point of view. At IGNITX, we’re a people’s company, not a systems company, so as the strategic partner of Wiz-Team, we have a real appreciation for Event-Works and its customisable, empowering, time-efficient, and user-friendly functionalities. But for us, it’s also about the people behind the system. We share the same values as Wiz-Team, and we appreciate their openness and willingness to innovate, improve and enhance what they do with ideas directly from the community of people who face the day-to-day challenges of event delivery. Smaller tech companies like Wiz-Team bring passion, connection, and principles to what they do. When they work at events, they give it their all and care truly about delivering quality, as do we. Mutually supporting each other with our respective unique expertise is then a win-win situation.


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To empower event managers by providing state of the art solutions and outstanding services.




As the founder and CEO of Wiz-Team, Johann has been a part of this adventure long before the start of the organisation 10 years ago. This dynamic and fast-growing company was born out of gap in the market Johann and his colleagues experienced as event managers in the early 2000s.  With little tools available to effectively manage the demands and challenges of data management for complex events, they decided to build their own solution. 

Shortly thereafter Johann created Event-Works and later Wiz-Team with the vision to deliver world class digital solutions built by event professionals for event professionals. From Wiz-Team headquarters in his hometown Lausanne, he oversees a global network of developers and experts, who support the organisations mission to empower event professionals through smart, intuitive, and innovative digital solutions. 

Johann’s expertise in event data management is outstanding.  He has delivered innovative event management solutions to every Olympic Games edition since 2004 alongside a range of other international events. Having worked across many sectors, including sports federations, the medical congress industry, corporate companies, and government agencies, he has acquired a wide-ranging background and an exceptional experience in various types and sizes of events. Before he set up Wiz-Team, Johann specialised in web and database development, as well as project management in the luxury industry, and teaching.

Johann holds an MBA in international management and speaks English, French and some German. In his spare time, he enjoys scuba diving, discovering the world on a motorbike, gaming and exploring new technologies.