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Wiz-Team is the solution provider for Event and Games management software. From our head offices in Lausanne (Switzerland) and with registered subsidiaries in Belgium and Ukraine and a global presence with our partners, we empower event managers with software, consultancy and delivery services for world class events for the sport, corporate and IGOs/NGOs industries. With over 15 years of experience in event management platforms and managing event-related projects, we pride ourselves into delivering real world solutions for your projects.





January 13, 2022


January 13, 2022

What better way to start a new year than with a new team member! We’re delighted to welcome Pascal Beauverd, a native of Switzerland, joining our Operations team as Product Manager for Workforce and Mobile Applications. Based in our Lausanne office, he will manage and oversee the technical implementation, development and ongoing evolution of our Event-Works Workforce and Volunteer Applications as well as our suite of Mobile Applications. Collaborating closely with client technical and functional teams, don’t be surprised if you see his name pop up in your inbox.

Always curious and interested in new technologies, Pascal has been actively training in app development since 2008. In his most recent role as an IOS (Apple) application developer, he took on greater responsibilities as an app architect overseeing teams of developers and managing project delivery.

Pascal is keen to put his professional knowledge to good use solving day-to-day event management challenges faced by sport organisations looking to optimise business and event management processes. His ingenuity has produced solutions like an iPad app to choreograph groups of gymnasts, membership databases for sport clubs and federations, and most notably a volunteer management solution for organising committees.

A retired gymnast who has competed in several national and international gymnastics events, Pascal is passionate about sport and spends his free time scuba diving, trail running, and mountain climbing. He has also served as a volunteer and event manager at several sport events including the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, Switzerland where he first became acquainted with Wiz-Team. And the rest, as we say, is history…

“Being able to combine my professional skills with event management is very exciting, and I look forward to bringing my energy, motivation, and expertise to Wiz-Team”, said Pascal. “It seems to be a great match from both a professional and personal point of view, as we share the same vision and team spirit!”

Implementing Innovation | Closing out 2021 with a new class of Event-Works super-users

December 21, 2021

Implementing Innovation | Closing out 2021 with a new class of Event-Works super-users

December 21, 2021

Last week Wiz-Team headed to the USA to deliver one final training series to a group of rookie Event-Works super-users for one of our newest sport partners.  This large trainee class of 13 was made up of a cross-section of the organisation’s event management professionals from hospitality, major events, sport, technology, and sponsorship.  Their functional expertise were as diverse as their departments with experiences in managing accommodation, accreditation, sport entries, data analytics, rate card, guest management, transportation, air travel, and much more. 

What are super-users? Outside of being super humans, they are the key to success in terms of new technology implementation and user adoption at any organisation.  They are the champions of change, the translators of business challenges, and the builders of organisational trust.  Without them, initiating digital transformation in an organisation might be as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest.

For Wiz-Team, these users are priority #1 when it comes to new client or project onboarding. Super-user training dives deep into the fundamentals and foundations of Event-Works with the following outcomes at its core : 

Context: Establishing a conceptual understanding of how Event-Works was built to tackle the data challenges of event management;

Capabilities: Building up core competency in navigating, designing, and configuring the Event-Works tool box to meet individual needs;

Confidence: Cultivating a sense of autonomy and achievement through hands-on challenges and games;

Curiosity: Creating space and opportunity for questions and creativity; curiosity (we believe) is a cornerstone to motivation and ongoing development;  

Connection: Developing trust, understanding, and empathy through shared experience, humour, and partnership.

It has been an extremely busy and exciting year meeting new people, training new users, and implementing Event-Works across the world.   Though we will take a moment to reflect with gratitude on what 2021 brought to all of us, we are very excited for the year ahead.  We look forward to working alongside both the newest members of the Event-Works super-user squad AND our existing Wiz-Team ambassadors as we look to challenge and change the events industry through innovative technology…together.


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To empower event managers by providing state of the art solutions and outstanding services.




As the founder and CEO of Wiz-Team, Johann has been a part of this adventure long before the start of the organisation 10 years ago. This dynamic and fast-growing company was born out of gap in the market Johann and his colleagues experienced as event managers in the early 2000s.  With little tools available to effectively manage the demands and challenges of data management for complex events, they decided to build their own solution. 

Shortly thereafter Johann created Event-Works and later Wiz-Team with the vision to deliver world class digital solutions built by event professionals for event professionals. From Wiz-Team headquarters in his hometown Lausanne, he oversees a global network of developers and experts, who support the organisations mission to empower event professionals through smart, intuitive, and innovative digital solutions. 

Johann’s expertise in event data management is outstanding.  He has delivered innovative event management solutions to every Olympic Games edition since 2004 alongside a range of other international events. Having worked across many sectors, including sports federations, the medical congress industry, corporate companies, and government agencies, he has acquired a wide-ranging background and an exceptional experience in various types and sizes of events. Before he set up Wiz-Team, Johann specialised in web and database development, as well as project management in the luxury industry, and teaching.

Johann holds an MBA in international management and speaks English, French and some German. In his spare time, he enjoys scuba diving, discovering the world on a motorbike, gaming and exploring new technologies.